What is a Certified Translation?

Most establishments require your translated documents to be “certified”. A Certified Translation is one which is accompanied by a signed and stamped statement attesting that the translation is a complete and true reflection of the original document. Machine translations provided by online translation tools such as Google Translate are not certified.

Do you provide Certified Translations?

Yes, all our translations come fully certified as standard at no extra cost! Most Irish and UK establishments accept Certified Translations, but some may require that you obtain further legalisation on your translated document (e.g. notarisation or an affidavit). Please verify this with the establishment who will be receiving your translated document before placing your order.

What kind of documents do you translate?

Here at Aloha Translations we provide translation services exclusively to private clients and we specialise in the translation of the personal documents that you require in your everyday life e.g. civil documents (birth/marriage/divorce/death certificates), degree certificates and diplomas, academic transcripts, CVs, criminal record certificates, naturalization/citizenship certificates, vehicle insurance documents, passport photocopies etc. This list is just an example of the documents we translate and is not exhaustive, please email a copy of your documents to us and we will get back to you.

Which languages do you translate?

Currently we only work with the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Irish, Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. We hope to be adding to this list very soon!

How much does it cost to translate my documents?

This depends on several factors including the language combination, nature of the text, no. of words/pages, formatting, and urgency of the document. Prices start from €25/£25, we will confirm with you once we have reviewed your document. Orders containing more than one document will be eligible for a reasonable discount. Should you wish to have your document posted, this will be an additional €3/£3.

How long will it take to translate my documents?

This depends on how many documents you have. In general, we aim to translate your document within 1-2 working days unless otherwise specified in your consultation email. Should you require an urgent service or if you have a particular deadline to meet, please let us know before placing your order so that we may accommodate your request.

Can you explain the order process?

The process is simple! Just email us a scanned copy or a good quality photo of the documents that you wish to translate. Once we have reviewed them, we will return to you via email with a quote for the price and turnaround time for the translation of the documents. This email will also include details of the payment methods. Once we receive your payment, we will begin working on your documents immediately.

What will my final document look like?

The final product that we issue to you will consist of three elements:

i) The translated document
ii) A copy of the original document (where it is not prohibited)
iii) The certification page bearing our statement, signature, stamp and seal

What are the delivery methods?

The delivery method is via post or PDF only. Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate document collection at this point in time. PDF delivery comes at no extra cost to your translation fee, however if you require the hard copy by post then a small postal charge will be added to your order.

Why Aloha Translations?

With significant experience in the translation industry, we offer lower prices than our competitors without compromising on quality or reliability. In addition, we know these services aren’t cheap and we believe that you should be 100% satisfied with the documents that you are paying for; that’s why we always send the translation to you for review prior to certification and final delivery. We process everything online so there is no need for you to take time out of your busy day to post documents or schedule consultations!


Have a question that doesn’t appear here? Just send an email to info@aloha-translations.ie or complete the form on our Contact Us page and we will be happy to help! As we are a growing business, we invite you to follow us on social media 🙂