Dzień Dobry!

Polish is the official and native language of Poland and counts approximately 50 million speakers globally. Besides its homeland of Poland, the Polish language is spoken by millions of expats worldwide due to large numbers of emigration throughout the decades. Polish speakers can be found in countries such as Ireland, UK, Canada, Brazil and Australia to name a few.

It is one of the official languages of the EU and native speakers can also be found in small parts of Ukraine, Slovakia and Latvia amongst others due to settlements and close proximity to land borders.

                The most popular document translation services for Polish include, but are not limited to:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Certificate of Naturalisation
  • Degree Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Contract of Employment
  • Driving License
  • Criminal Record Certificates

Fun fact about Poland: Although often mistaken for French, Marie Curie, the scientist who discovered chemical elements polonium and radium, was actually Polish. She was born Marie Skłodowska and later married Pierre Curie. Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel prize, the first person to win one twice and the only person to win one in two different scientific fields.

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