Technical Translation

Technical translation is a specialised practical application of technologic and scientific information. It is most commonly requested by companies in scientific fields who wish to inform and instruct on the specificities of a certain product/software. Due to the nature of this type of translation, accuracy is critical so as to avoid any accidents in constructing products and/or

Accuracy and reliability are keys factors concerning Corporate document translation and therefore Aloha translations takes great care in the translation and proofreading of Financial translations to ensure certain accuracy. The confidential nature of these documents is of utmost importance to us and so we ask all of our translators to sign Confidentiality Agreements before they join our team.

Translation Services for Technical documents include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial Statement/Annual Report
  • Health & Safety Manuals
  • Safety Specifications
  • Website Content
  • User Manuals

This list is not exhaustive but merely an example of some of the documents translated by our team to date. Technical translations require particular knowledge and complex terminology so that the intended reader may understand correctly the purpose and use of the document. This is why Aloha Translations reviews and assigns each Technical Translation to the most suitable translator, one with vast knowledge and experience in the field. Our translation service ensures an accurate, professional and reliable final document that reads seamlessly and flows naturally.

Please note that we provide certified translations that are accepted in most Irish and UK establishments, but some documents may need additional legalisation especially if they are to be submitted outside of Ireland and the UK. Please check with the relevant establishment that will be reviewing your translated document to familiarise yourself with any additional legal requirements needed.